Our Pinole, known among the Pima as Haaki Chu’i or S-bahi chu’i (roasted flour) is a wholesome traditional snack food made from our carefully parched low gluten heirloom Pima Club Wheat Berries OR our carefully parched heirloom Pima 60 Day Corn which are finely stone-ground.

Mixed with water, milk or fruit juice, Pinole makes a delicious, satisfying and sustaining drink. Back in the days when most travel was on foot or horseback, Pinole was the preferred traveling food as it was easy to carry, needed no preparation and was satisfying and nutritious. This ‘fast food’ was preferred by Pima runners who carried the news from village to village.

Add Pinole to ‘smoothies’ for wholesome protein and carbohydrate nutrition.

Milled to order

NON-GMO and grown without pesticides and herbicides.


HUUN HAAK CHU'I - Pima Corn Pinole -

PILKAN HAAK CHU'I (Fine Grind Parched Pima Club Wheat Pinole)