Wholesale Information

We do not not sell our products for seed - we sell food products.  Our Mission is to share our food products and food traditions. These products are among the riches and treasures of our Community and we are happy to bring our food traditions to the table! 


Wholesale & Food Service Product List and Information - Business License Is Required for Wholesale or Food Service Purchases.  Our Wholesale and Food Service Packages are sold to Restaurants, Food Service Purveyors and Retail Merchants.

Minimum Purchase – Full Case Required on Case Products (case packs detailed below).
We Try To Ship Wholesale Orders On Tuesdays and Thursdays But Do Our Best To Accommodate Our Customer's Deadlines.


Prefer to work with a Produce Broker?  - we do business with (weblinks below):

Aztec Specialty Produce

Grand Avenue Produce

Peddler's Son Produce

Pivot Produce

Stern Produce

Vesta Food Service

For pricing questions or order placement & processing please contact our Sales Personnel by email at sales@ramonafarms.com or karen@ramonafarms.com.  You can also contact the Farm at 520-418-0900.


BGAR1  Kalvash (Garbanzo Beans) 

1.25 lb packages, 12 units per case

Qualified Food Service Package Size Also Available             

BTEPBR1  S-o'am Bavi (Brown Tepary Beans)  

BTEPWH1  Stotoah Bavi (White Tepary Beans)

BTEPBL1    S-chuuk Bavi (Black Tepary Beans) currently unavailable


1 lb packages, 20 units per case  or 30 units per case

2 lb packages, 15 units per case

5 lb packages, 3 or 6 units per case

Qualified Food Service Package Size Also Available

WHEAT PRODUCTS-                                                      
WHTBDU1  Kavk Pilkan (Durum Wheat Berries) currently unavailable

WHTBPC1  Olas Pilkan (Pima Club Wheat Berries)

WHTBWS1 S-moik Pilkan (White Sonora Wheat Berries) 


1.5 lb packages, 12 units per case

Qualified Food Service Package Size Also Available 

Other Specialty Products - Milling Required:

WHEAT FLOURS- Hand Processed In Small Batches & Packed To Order - Inquire as to availability

Wheat Pinole                                                            

(Stone Milled Pima Club Wheat Whole Wheat Flour)                               



Huun Ga'i and Ga'ivsa currently unavailable


CRNP61RMPI Pima Polenta Integrale

(Coarse Grind Stone Milled, Whole Grist Parched Pima Polenta)      

CRNP61RMSP Roasted Pima Grits    
(Coarse Grind Stone Milled Whole Grist Parched Pima Corn Grits)               
CRNP61RMSM Roasted Pima Corn Meal   
(Medium Grind Stone Milled Roasted Pima Cornmeal Sifted)   
Corn Pinole 


Shipping/Delivery Information – Out of State Customers shipping cost on full size case is flat UPS rate per box less $10.00/box shipping discount,

Shipping Days on Orders are Tuesdays and Thursdays.