Answers below to questions on what information is stored on our site, checkout issues, shipping charge calculations and where to enter key codes, coupon codes, promo codes and source codes!

What information is stored on our site?

Answer: If you create an account on our store only your name, address, order history and a card "pay token" are stored.  We do not process your card or store your card information.  We use a system called Tokenization where you enter your card information in a box that opens on checkout which is directly linked to our Card Processor.  A Payment Token is returned to us when that is processed and that is in the order system attached to your order - not the card information.  You can also check out as a Guest and not create an account.

Is my information stored on the Ramona Farms server?

Answer: No.  We use a secure hosted order system that is accessed through a secure "portal" and no information is stored in our system.  Your orders are never downloaded to our server.  We never share your information.

What additional security measures can I take?

Answer: You can regularly change your passwords.  Don't use the same password in an online store that you use for your email accounts and other accounts. Don't use the same password for all online shopping.  Many shoppers have a separate email address for Online Order Confirmations so they are not comingled with their personal email - this is a great idea! 

Google recently started notifying users of possible exposures with Automatic breach detection whether you explicitly run a checkup, or in the moment as you're signing in to a page, Google will warn you if your username and password are identified as weak, or known to have been compromised in a data breach on some external site or app.  

How do I know if my passwords are compromised?

Answer: The Google message does not specifically indicate the issue occurred on our store but if you use Chrome to sign in to websites, Google's Password Checkup tool can help you find and replace all your compromised, reused, and weak passwords associated with your account. To do this, go to Then select Go to Password Checkup. 

What makes your products SPECIAL?

Answer: Several thousand years of tradition and many years of farming have taught us a lot - we continue to learn daily and really love what we do. Sharing our Native foods with our customers is our passion.

Are your products non-GMO?

Answer: Our products are non-GMO - we use our own heirloom seed stock to grow our crops which is not genetically modified and we grow our food crops without pesticides or herbicides.

WHY does shipping seem so expensive?

Answer: Products ship by weight and box dimension - we are selling specialty bulk food products.  Most of the products prepare more than a meal per package too.  We do not mark up the shipping OR add a handling charge.  You may get a less expensive shipping option by using the shipping dropdown in your cart and choose ECO - Best Fit Shipping - although in most cases ECO will ship UPS Simple Rate and does not ship to PO Boxes.  ECO is also only applicable to addresses in the Continental US - orders to Alaska and Hawaii need to ship Priority Mail.  You can get multiple products into the same shipping box without increasing the shipping cost - example -Eco - small box up to 6 lbs/Priority Mail - up to 12 lbs.  You can play with the options - additionally if we can ship it cheaper we do - and reduce the shipping cost you are charged for.

What PAYMENT METHODS are available?

Answer: We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. We also accept Cash in our office location in Sacaton, or we can accept Check or Money Order for mail orders. To do a mail order print your order from checkout once the shipping is added and mail the printout in with a check or a money order and we will process the order for you. You can also contact us to do a phone order.

Do you sell seed?

Answer: No - we are sharing food products ONLY.  We do not sell our heirloom seed stock and we do not offer growing advice.  We are sharing food - not our crops.  We do provide recipes for our food products.

I can't find where to enter my key code, source code, promo code, discount code!

Answer: When you click on your shopping cart icon you will see the following - this is where you enter your code! This is at the top of the cart just above the list of items you are purchasing. This is also the best place to estimate your shipping cost.

What is your RETURN POLICY?

Answer: Our goal is that you are completely satisfied with your purchase, If for any reason you are not satisfied, please call our customer service department at 520-418-0900 or email us at within 30 days to arrange a return, replacement or refund.  If the order is returned because a customer has changed their mind about the purchase we do not pay for the return shipping or the original shipping cost.  We will refund 100% of the product purchase price.

How do I know my ORDER was SUBMITTED?

Answer: After you Checkout, you will receive an auto-generated order confirmation e-mail (make sure to provide your correct email address). You can also email us at  If you don't get a confirmation email - send us an email and we will check if an order is placed.  Now that we are using Tokenization for credit cards - if a card number is entered incorrectly the order will not process through and a pay token is not attached to the order.  We cannot see any credit card numbers.

HOW LONG will it take to get my my order?

Answer: Orders normally ship from our warehouse within 24 to 48 hrs. Milled products may take a little longer - they are milled to order. Domestic orders will usually ship within 3-5 business days and arrival time depends on the order destination and method of shipping.


Answer: There are 4 options - UPS (ground and 2nd day) and depending on where you are located this may vary in cost.  We also have PM - Priority mail flat rate and now are offering ECO (Best fit) shipping - this last method prices out by box size not weight and is often the cheapest method but has to ship to a physical address within the Continental United States. You can get multiple products into the same shipping box without increasing the shipping cost - example -Eco - small box up to 6 lbs/Priority Mail - up to 12 lbs.

Please Note: We do not currently ship Internationally.  This may be added in the future. 

Thank you for your interest in Ramona Farms products!  Visit us at for articles and videos!

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