Our traditional preparation of parching the corn before milling creates truly unique, creamy and flavorful products! Unusual and delicious.

These products are milled to order.

Non-GMO and grown without pesticides and herbicides.

Unless you are going to use the products quickly after purchase  - please store in airtight containers in the freezer once opened.


Heirloom Red Cornmeal

S-IBHAIMAGI HUUN HAAK CHU'I (Fine Grind Stone Milled Whole Grist Parched Blue Cornmeal)

PARCHED PIMA CORNMEAL (Parched, Milled -Medium Grind and Sifted)

Our PIMA CORN GRITS - Parched, Stone Milled Coarse Grits

PIMA POLENTA -  PARCHED, Fine Grind Stone Milled And Sifted

HUUN HAAK CHU'I - Pima Corn Pinole -