The Akimel O'Odham have been growing, sharing and enjoying these grains for hundreds of years.  These "Ancient Grains" have been and still are grown here along the Gila River.  The River People were the first farmers in the Western Hemisphere to grow grain and we still grow it today.

Durum Wheat Berries (KAVK PILKAN)

Pima Club Wheat Berries (O'LAS PILKAN)

White Sonora Wheat Berries (S-MOIK PILKAN) )

Our Heritage Wheat Berries are delicious in stews, as a cereal or a side dish.  These varieties have been used by our people for many generations.

NON-GMO and grown without pesticides and herbicides.

O'LAS PILKAN - Wheat Berries, Pima Club

S-MOIK PILKAN (Wheat Berries, White Sonora)

KAVK PILKAN - Hard Wheat Berries, Durum